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United Mediation Services, Inc. prides itself in the development of "The Ultimate System in Nationwide Mediations." This system dramatically decreases the need for litigation. However, if litigation is required to increase our chance of recovering your money, we have a nationwide legal system through our Bonded Commercial Attorney Network to accomodate such action.

Before an account is submitted through the legal system, each one of our Executive Directors must conclude that every effort has been exhausted to resolve it amicably. This alleviates only one person working the account and then sending it through the system, as is the case with most agencies (Note: the ones that actually litigate accounts).

We have a large network of bonded commercial attorneys throughout the nation, which enables us to forward the account to the best firm in the debtors' location.

UMS handles all the correspondence with the attorney but you make the final decision if the suit is recommended. The system is simple, thorough, and highly effective when coupled with the mediation process.