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Debt Collection Service

“Allow me to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for the efforts of United Mediation Services, Inc. Before, I was using attorneys and collection agencies to collect my past due accounts. Since switching to UMS, I have seen tremendous increase in recovery of our accounts and a dramatic decrease in attorney expenses.”

-B.H., a major office executive suite

“With over twenty years experience as a credit and collections manager, I think I am qualified to say UMS is second to none.”

-N.B., a major horticultural distributor

“UMS diligence and tenacity has resulted in the highest recovered bad debt our company has ever recorded.”

-D.W., solution provider to the corrections industry

“The money your company has recovered for us is better than the last 3 agencies I have used in the past. Which, in turn makes me look better as a Corp. Credit Manager.”

-S.D., international paper distributor

“It has been proven time and again that since you are a mediation firm you have been able to virtually eliminate the necessity for litigation. No more wasting money on court costs and all the other negative connotations that are involved with litigation.”

-R.L., software and hardware consultants

“Your company has significantly helped us reduce our bad debt write-off. In this industry that is hard to find.”

-M.M., national furniture marketing company

“Your customer service…from supplying training tapes to providing reports promptly to following up immediately…has been exceptional.”

-C.H., international wireless technology

Some of Our Clients