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Below are some of our programs and services for your review. You may want to Compare the Advantages that UMS has over other standard collection agencies, and collection letter services and feel free to let us know if we can be of help to any of your debt collection needs.

High-Tech Software

To excel in today's competitive environment, handling cases efficiently and accurately is essential. UMS has the high-tech software in place to meet these critical needs for our clients. This is yet another tool United Mediation Services, Inc. utilizes to assist us in quickly putting money back in your pocket...the ultimate goal!

Account Placement

You can submit your account(s) on our online placement form. Just click on the link named Place A Claim to start the debt collection process. If we need additional information, we will contact you with the details.

Debtor Locator

With the utilization of the latest in technology, UMS can locate American debtors and contact debtors with efficiency and effectiveness. Some companies actually prepare their business in ways to avoid debt collection agencies in case they run into financial troubles. If some of your troubling clients are utilizing this method, we can help!

Free Demands

We offer our trademarked 14 Day FREE Demand Letter program.

Monthly Updates

We strive to keep all Clients up to dates on the status of their debt collection accounts. Within our many Collection Services, our mediators can provide updates by phone by fax or mail and email. You also can request a status at any time and we will reply in a timely manor.

For all of our Clients from Large and Small Business & Credit granting Companies, across the nation.


At UMS, we work with debtors to resolve the debt before sending to an attorney for possible litigation,. However if needed, we have a network of American debt collection attorneys that help us with your accounts anywhere in United States of America. Our attorneys work with us hand in hand to recover your past due accounts. When a claim is sent to legal, the next contact to the debtor will be from one of our attorneys in the same area as your debtor collecting on your behalf.